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Hey everyone that will soon view this! (I say that because the server isnt even opened yet and theres only like 5 people that have a forums account xD) i'm Trippy! I'm currently 17 and i'm pretty chill. I just got myself a gaming computer about a month ago and now i'm just reliving childhood memories by playing minecraft. Still having the time of my life, especially when I get to play with people. That being said, feel free to message me in game when the server opens and you see me on! To be honest with whoever is reading this, i'm not even sure if I am supposed to be posting on the forums because there arent any posts BUT hey I mean there is only one way to find out xD Currently it is the holiday season, i'm sure by the time someone reads this it wont be anymore, but hypothetically if someone reads this right now, I want to wish you all a happy holidays and i'll see you all around the server when it opens :D If you have any questions feel free to hit me up and i'll for sure reply!
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