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After lots of work, we have enough content to write out a decently sized post all on Season 2. We have listened to most of the feedback, and expanded ourselves on it. We plan on having a smooth, bug-free release.

The look of the server has been totally redone. Tab, chat, etc. look better. 
Chat has been condensed, and now shows less information. This avoids clutter and it's overall better on the eyes. Games have also been added. 
New features have been added. You now may select up to 9 islands, depending on your current rank. Island member size may now be increased through island upgrades. Generators are now upgradeable. Block stacking is now a feature for all islands. 
There are some rank name changes. Immortal was changed to "Myth". Trainee was changed to the commonly known, "Helper". Permissions have not been changed for these ranks. In addition, 5 new ranks have been added. These ranks can only be obtained through ingame methods. To obtain these ranks, you must use souls. Read more about souls below. These ranks bring more kits, sell multipliers, and more to the table. 
Media, Youtubers, and Streamers 
We now have a proper rank for youtubers and streamers. This rank is named "Media". The rank is specifically for anyone who has a decently sized channel on any platform, that will be willing to record on our server. In return, you earn yourself some nice perks and items to share with the community. 
We have improved the sell prices for crops and modified mob drops to promote the creation of farms. Spawner prices were also increased to fit the economy and challenge. If they seem too high, do not worry. We have added in custom drops for spawners. We have also added in a Donator Shop for the players who support us. This shop contains everything that is a pain to get, so it's mostly decorative.
We have made several spawner changes, which will help overall gameplay and performance. Peaceful mobs, such as pigs, will now spawn on air and in any type of lighting. Hostiles have been made to do the same. This was made due to spawners not spawning mobs on some blocks. Because of this, spawners' spawn rates have been decreased. The amount of mobs spawned has not been changed. Spawner Tiers have also been upgraded, and now give bonus drops depending on the Tier. Currently, we are launching with Ultimate and Legendary spawner tiers having bonus rewards. Rewards are different for each mob, so make sure to find out what they are!
We have modified currency to make economy simplier on the server. Event currency, such as presents, will be converted into our newest currency "Event Coins" or "Coins". This is to make seasonal event's more manageable for us. Our newest currency called "Souls". Souls are used to progress with Rank Ups, or buy exclusive items.
A total of 9 kits have been added to our server. 
New Kits:  
  • Fisher - 3 day cooldown (Obtained through Souls - Soul Kit)
  • Merchant - 3 day cooldown (Obtained through Souls - Soul Kit)
  • Miner - 3 day cooldown (Obtained through Souls - Soul Kit)
  • Hunter - 3 day cooldown (Obtained through Souls - Soul Kit)
  • Ender -3 day cooldown (Obtained through Souls - Soul Kit)
  • Lesser - 7 day cooldown (Obtained through Souls - Soul Kit)
  • Shards - 7 day cooldown (Obtained through Souls - Soul Kit)
  • Guardian - 14 day cooldown (Obtained through Season 2 Pack - Special Kit)
  • Media - 7 day cooldown (Obtained through Media Rank - Special Kit)
You may view all these kits in-game with /kit.
Rewards in Treasures have been buffed. Including the Vote Box. Spreadsheets fo these will come in the future. You may now open treasures quicker, and multiple treasures can be opened at once. 
Due to demand, we have added sell chests. These will sell the contents of the chest every 10 minutes, instead of automatically. If you have permissions for one, simply get a sign and type [SellChest] on the first line - thats it. No rank (including Member and Myth) has permissions for placing a sellchest sign on a chest. To obtain SellChests, you need to purchase a permission pack in the webstore. 
Also due to demand, we have added different types of wands. Command wands and Sell wands. Command wands allow you to bind any command you have available to you, similar to a powertool. Our Sell Wands only work on Sell Chests (specifically yours), to avoid anyone stealing any of your income. 
Shards will be introduced into Season 2, and we hope to get reasonable feedback. These things increase enchants on your tool by one, depending on the type of shard. If you have a sharpness shard, it will upgrade or add sharpness to the tool by one. If you have a random shard, any enchant on the tool has a chance to be upgraded by one.
Bosses have been reworked, and now have better rewards and better abilities. 
These new things generate money over time. Their storages are limited, and have a set amount to generate. These are an extremely rare drop from ALL bosses, and is NOT purchasable through our store.
Generator types:​​​​​​
  • Tier 1 - Generate $25 per 5 minutes.
  • Tier 2 - Generate $50 per 5 minutes.
  • Tier 3  - Generate $100 per 5 minutes.
  • Tier 4 - Generate $150 per 5 minutes.
  • Tier 5 - Generate $200 per 5 minutes.
Please give us reasonable feedback on generators. 
We have added more Quests to the server. Some are daily, some are one off. Rewards will be based off of difficulty.
  • Easy - 5 tokens; $2,500; 200 EXP
  • Medium - 10 tokens; $5,000; 500 EXP
  • Hard - 20 tokens; $10,000; 750 EXP
We have added a daily reward for 1 hour of playtime each day. You receive $5,000 each day if you're a member, or a regular rank; $10,000 each day if you have our Myth rank. 
Inventory Filters have been added to the server. You may toggle it on or off, and even configure what you want to pick up. No rank has this permission, just like SellChests, you need to buy the permission or earn it.
Some voting rewards have been changed.
  • Cumulative - x1 Lesser Key
  • Weekly Top 5 - x2 Lesser Keys
  • Monthly Top 3 - x1 Special Key
Also Vote Party rewards have been redone! We also had to bump the required votes to 200 from 100 due to this change. You should have plenty of opportunities to earn something.
Guaranteed Rewards:
  • x8 Emerald Blocks
  • x16 Diamond Blocks
  • x32 Gold Blocks
  • x3 Enchanted Golden Apples
  • x64 EXP Bottles
Chance Rewards:
  • x1 Special Key
  • x1 Greater Key
  • x1 Lesser Key
  • x1 Zombie Pigman Spawner
  • x1 Spider Spawner
  • x1 Pig Spawner
  • x1 Random Shard
We have added in a way for you guys to completely chop down an entire tree without the need of McMMO! You also have a chance to drop a type of apple from every piece of wood and leaf. This means, you can earn regular apples, golden apples, and enchanted golden apples from any type of tree now.
We have added back our advertisement plugin /ad, so you guys can support us without money coming out of your pockets. Just watch a quick video and earn yourself tokens and in-game money, with a chance to win a lesser key.

We hope to see you there!
Thanks for playing, 

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